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Our Core

Singapore Film Society strives to promote greater appreciation of all manner of cinematic works.

We promote the showing of movies of an artistic, cultural or educational nature, as they are intended to be viewed, at screenings and festivals. We enable members to see a wide variety of such films, across multiple genres and forms, and to nurture a developing interest in film.

Come watch and appreciate all kinds of stories on screen with us.

We foster a network of film lovers and industry players from all backgrounds. This means we bring together film fans who run the gamut from curious and casual fans to diehard film addicts, as well as actors, directors, producers, festival organisers and other industry players.

Interact and communicate with other like-minded people; it’s about community.

We enable our members to interface with local and international filmmakers and industry experts, e.g. at post-show dialogues and Q&As or talks and workshops, and to better appreciate the craft of filmmaking.

Participate and get educated in film, and even aspire to create your own stories on screen!