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Enjoy your Deepavali holiday with an exclusive screening of BEFORE WE FORGET one month before it releases in theatres on 17 November!

dir. Jess Teong 张爵西
2017 | Malaysia | In Chinese with English and Chinese subtitles | 115 min | Rating TBA

Chungen, is a quite reserved father but a more open and loving grandfather. He is very excited to reunite with his daughter and granddaughter after a few years. However, some extraordinary things are happening in his life! The family quickly realises the risk of forgetting the loving memory of a family member is terrifying. There is a nothing compares to the love of a close-knit family.
Given the sudden changes thrust upon them, they choose to stand and fight. Regardless of the outcome, they conclude that as long as they stay together as a family, ultimately they can overcome any adversity! When we are together as a family, happiness will surround us!
阿根,是一名含蓄的父亲,也是一名慈爱的外公。和分开十多年没 见面的女儿及素未谋面的孙女团聚之后,他欣喜万分,却没料到在 平静的生活中会出现意想不到的变化。 阿根、淑娴和Sarah老中少三代历经波折,他们不惧害怕、勇敢地挑 战重重困难,更珍惜在一起的时刻。 他们才知道,有一种距离,叫遗忘。他们也更体会,有一种爱,是 陪伴。不管结果如何,只要可以在一起,其他的都不重要了。 当我们在一起,幸福就在这里。
There will be a post-screening dialogue with Director Jess Teong 张爵西, who is also the writer of both screenplays.
Light refreshments will be served before the screening at 3.30pm.




Admission for SFS members with valid Individual Membership or Reel Card. You may bring up to 2 guests if you hold an SFS Reel Card. No tickets will be sold. Our booth will open 30 mins before the screening time at the venue for ticket collection. SFS reserves the right to release uncollected tickets to walk-in members who do not have a ticket 5 mins before the start of the screening.

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