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Singapore Film Society will be hosting Kathy Coleman, former child actress who played Holly on TV’s Land of the Lost. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend an evening with Kathy Coleman.



7.30pm Free flow of Diet Coke and Truffle Fries in the GV Gold Class lounge.

8.00pm Our Chairman, Kenneth, will introduce Kathy in the cinema, and she will address the audience.

8.10pm Kenneth will host the main “In Conversation With Kathy Coleman” part of the session. This will be a free-flowing chat with her, about her experience on TV, her life after the show ended, her new book, and everything in between. Lychee rose ice tea and Chocolate rainbow cake will be served in the cinema.

8.45pm Audience Q&A (ask her anything you like!).

9.15pm Autographing of her new book, Run, Holly Run! (Copies of the book will be available to all attending)

10.00pm End of session.


IN CONVERSATION WITH KATHY COLEMAN organised and hosted by our Chairman, Kenneth Tan, who is absolutely thrilled to meet and host Kathy Coleman in Singapore. If you’re a big fan of Kathy Coleman and/or LAND OF THE LOST, drop us an email and we might just find a space for you!




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