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dir. Chapman To 杜汶泽
2017 | Hong Kong | Drama | In Cantonese with English and Chinese subtitles | 90 min | M18 Sexual Scenes 性相关画面

土生土长的港日混血儿平川真理(邓丽欣 饰)从小到大讨厌空手道,但因为爸爸平川彰(仓田保昭 饰)是空手道教练的关系,她被逼学得一身武艺。长大后的真理只有一个梦想,就是等到爸爸过世后,将他的空手道馆改建成套房出租。有一天,平川彰过世,真理以为她的梦想终于有机会实现,但却发觉自己爸爸将道馆的大部分业权留给了馆内纪律最差的陈强 (杜汶泽 饰)。经历父亲过世、梦想破碎以及感情创伤的真理在道馆大发脾气,陈强把她撃倒在地,并提出如果她可以在空手道搏击比赛中胜出,便无条件把单位还给她,于是乎她跟随陈强,重新穿上那套放下已久的空手道袍,参加她一直认为世界上最无聊的格斗比赛。

  • 第37届香港电影金像奖:提名最佳新导演、最佳女主角、最佳男配角、最佳摄影、最佳美术指导、最佳配乐
  • 第23届香港电影评论学会大奖:最佳女主角

Half-Chinese and half-Japanese Mari Hirakawa is the daughter of a Karate coach. Since her childhood, she was forced under her father’s training, and has resented Karate for as long as she can remember–her only wish is to sell the dojo after her father passes away. Following his death, Mari starts fantasizing about her life of freedom; however, she finds out from her lawyer that her father has only left her 49% ownership of the property, the other 51% was left to one of his worst pupils, Chan Keung. The two clash, and Chan has a proposition–if Mari is able to win a match in a legitimate martial arts competition, he will unconditionally give her his share of the property. Mari is trapped in a dilemma, and will have to make a choice that will change her life. Prolific comedienne actor Chapman To makes a stunning transition to film directing and is recognized by film critics as well as the Hong Kong Film Awards for his craft behind the camera and guiding the breakthrough performance of his leading actress Stephy Tang.

  • The 37th Hong Kong Film Awards: Nominated for Best New Director, Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Original Score
  • 23rd Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards: Best Leading Actress

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