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dir. Mirjam Unger
2007 | Austria | Documentary | In German and English with English subtitles | 87 min | PG

They lost Vienna, and Vienna lost them: Eight women who fled in 1938 now live in New York. Through situations and moods the film circumscribes the unspeakable aspect of this loss and the attempt to create normality. What has been lost, what has remained, how is memory manifested across generations?

VIENNA’S LOST DAUGHTERS is more than just exploring these emigrants’ pasts. The era of National Socialism, their experiences during their escape, and the beginning of a new life are touched upon lightly for the purpose of judging the present on the basis of the past. And so the film begins with the bright lights of Times Square, soon moving to scenes of everyday life, such as a visit to a beauty salon, and gradually becomes a portrait of a vital Jewish community in which family and passing traditions on to younger generations are of particular importance. The past represents an integral part of this surprisingly light-hearted description of a social group, and the present is the measure of a successful and happy life.



The screening will be followed by a 20-minute dialogue with Director Mirjam Unger on the making of VIENNA’S LOST DAUGHTERS.

Director’s Bio

Mirjam Unger was born in 1970 in Klosterneuburg, Austria. Since 1989, she has worked as a journalist and presenter at ORF. Since 1995 she has moderated the regular FM4 broadcasts “Connected” and “Homebase”. In addition to her employment on ORF radio, Unger was also active on ORF television from 1991: until 1998 she worked as a presenter, editor and designer of the ORF broadcasts. Her reports abroad took her to Russia, Yugoslavia, Great Britain, Germany and France, among others. Parallel to this, Unger graduated from 1993 to 2001 directing with Axel Corti and Wolfgang Glück at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Department of Film and Television, in Vienna. Together with Pamela Rußmann, she founded the photo partnership : miupar in 2005. She lives and works as a presenter, photographer, screenwriter and film director in Vienna.

 Photo: Mobile Film


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