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WINNER (Open Category)

The Art of Singapore (Story of Mr Ang Hao Sai) by Project Unsung Heroes

The documentary explores the life of Mr Ang Hao Sai, the last movie poster painter in Singapore. We trace his journey as an artist and a pioneer, delving into his work – a tribute to the history of Singapore that captures poignant moments. The film is a nostalgic ode to the complexities and growth of Singapore through the eyes of an artist.

1st RUNNER UP (Open Category)


Distressed over his loss, the old man becomes like a child who loses its ice-cream. To make the old man feel better, what the actor does puts a smile not only on the old man’s face but on yours too.

2nd RUNNER UP (Open Category)

Curry Fish Head by Hommade Animation

The film tells a story of a girl in the midst of ever changing landscape of Singapore from late 60’s to present day.

Click on image to access the video. Password to the video is “singapore“.

FINALIST (Open Category)

Singapore Icons in Pop Culture by Humble Productions

In recent years, entrepreneurs have started producing handicrafts, household items, fashion statements out of cultural icons that are easily recognized by Singaporeans. Are Singaporeans popularising its culture, without realising it?



Kuda Kepang: Reviving the Culture by 3 Invasions

Kuda Kepang is a dance that originated in Java, Indonesia. It was introduced to Singapore in 1948. Despite a predominantly negative social perception on this dance, due to its association with vandalism, gangsterism and the inclusion of a trance-like state as part of the performance, Kuda Kepang is still a popular art form among the Malays in Singapore albeit rarely witnessed.


Beneath the Spikes by RojaKrew Productions

Four years ago, Hari found out that his second son Sharvin will be born premature and may not survive the ordeal. Hari turned to the Hindu deity Lord Murugan, and made a vow.

If his son makes it home without harm, Hari will carry a Kavadi – a portable altar attached to the devotee with over 100 body piercings – in thanksgiving to Lord Murugan.

Beneath The Spikes is a documentary short about Hari, as he fulfils his religious vow by carrying a Kavadi in the Hindu festival, Panguni Uthiram.


Wu De Ban 屋的板 by twenty+ Production

Times may change, but traditions withstand the evolution of time. The secret ingredient in making the best abacus beads? A dash of the past and a sprinkle of nostalgia.


I Am Eurasian by The Holga People

The journey of a people, despite being of two very different worlds, establishing their presence in this little nation. Eurasians share their history, their hope and pride of being Singaporean.


Qing Ming Festival: Memories of Bukit Brown by CNA Insider

Chinese families around the world dedicate the period of Qing Ming to sweeping the tombs of their ancestors as a form of respect. What is the significance of this custom in a semi-westernized, land-scarce country like Singapore? Producer Shushan Lam shares her own family’s experience.



The Passion of Lion Dancers by G Cube Productions

Originating from different regions in China, lion dance splits into Northern and Southern Lions, which differs in appearances and performance styles. Yet the members from both troupes share a common passion in this traditional Chinese sport.


Lion City Dreamers 我爸那群人 by Han & Annie
Director’s Cut

Er Tong Ju She was a Chinese performance group that was established in Singapore’s early days. The group performed stage plays , had Chinese musicals, Singing , dancing etc. My father and his friends surrounded their lives with the activities of Ju She and would spend almost all of their childhood there. 50 years later, these friends still gather together to reminiscent about old times , their bond had never broken. This is their story and how they formed their identities.


Chinese Opera Dreaming 戏梦 by Team WXYZ

Chinese Opera Dreaming showcases four local Chinese opera groups within this documentary.

Team WXYZ hopes that interest for this craft will be further generated in young Singaporeans through the film.


Return to the Roots 落叶归根 by Cloudy

San Yi Ci, a Hakka columbarium in Singapore, unveils to us the rooted belief of a depleting generation of Singaporean Hakkas who have held on to their ethnic identity irregardless of the change around them.


A Father’s Passion by Billshootfilm Productions

“A Father’s Passion” is a documentary short film that explores how Mr Ong, a Taijiquan instructor, devotes more than 60 years of his life in pursuing his passion and perfecting the art of Taijiquan.